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The Village of Many Hats

Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny

Audio clip of Alberta radio network CKUA Bookmark Show interview

Singing Away the Dark

Audio clip of Author Caroline Woodward on CBC Radio show DNTO

Audio clip of Author Caroline Woodward on CBC Radio show DNTO

Audio clip of Author and Lennard Lighthouse Keeper Caroline Woodward on Long Beach Radio

Audio clip of the CBC's North by Northwest with Sheryl Mackay interview

Audio clip of CBC Radio interview

Penny Loves Wade E-book is now available at Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes!

Rocking the Page - Virtual Writers Festival

Caroline worked with student writers in School District #10 recently for Rocking the Page, a Virtual Writers Festival. Her Fear & Imagination workshop, a short film and slide show were conveyed via Blackboard Collaborate to six classrooms in Edgewood, Nakusp and New Denver. She also wrote critiques of poems and stories by student writers from Grade 3 to Grade 10.

Reviews by the People That Really Matter: Grade 3 Kids!

Emailie:  I liked the story Singing Away the Dark because it was a true story.  I like how she explained about her book.
Sean:  I liked Singing Away The Dark because it had a ton of detail.
Emmett:  I liked how she showed us the stories she wrote.
Olivier:  I liked that she had so many hats.
Sam:  I liked the books.  I liked all the titles
Hunter:  I Like how she made the books; they were really epic
Alyssa:  I like how Singing Away The Dark was a true story and it had nice pictures.
Grace:  My favorite part was that Caroline was enthusiastic and nice.  She wasn't grumpy; she was happy

Past Events 2014

From April 30th to May 2nd, 2014, Caroline presented her Fear & Imagination workshops to children from K-Grade 3 in the following schools and at the 28th annual Vancouver Island Children's Bookfest:
April 30th - Ecole Hammond Bay and Ecole Pauline Harrar en Nanaimo 
May 1st - Woodbank School, Cedar - K-Gr3 classes
May 2nd - Errington School, Errington - K-Gr3 classes
Aspengrove School, Lantzville - K-Gr3 classes
May 3 - Nanaimo Art Gallery - as part of BookFest.
Go to for complete information. Caroline autographed copies of Chanter Dans Le Noir, Singing Away The Dark & The Village of Many Hats.

Penny Loves Wade novel now part of University English course

Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny is now part of Professor Katharina Rout's Vancouver Island University English 273 class: Ancients and Moderns, or The Odyssey Today. Read more about the course description here.

A Lighthouse Memoir-in-Progress

Read the BCBookLook excerpt from Caroline Woodward's work-in-progress here.

Caroline on CBC Radio's December 21st DNTO Show

December 21st, 2013 Caroline Woodward was a guest of CBC Radio host Sook-Yin Lee on her show Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO). Where Did Your "Pilgrimage" Take You? was the theme of this show. Here is the audio clip of that session where Caroline describes her journey to a special place of spiritual significance.

Caroline on CBC Radio's DNTO Episode Discoveries Made in the Darkness

October 26th, 2013 CBC Radio host Sook-Yin Lee welcomed Caroline Woodward to her show Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO) where Caroline did a spoken piece from her picture book Singing Away the Dark. Here is the audio clip of that session.

Korean and Bulgarian language versions of Singing Away the Dark released!

The Korean language version of Caroline's picture book Singing Away the Dark has been released by Noran Usan/ Tsai Fong Books. The translator is Kim Hyeon Jwa. The book's ISBN is: 978-8963055190. Info about the Bulgarian language edition will be posted when available.

French language version of Singing Away the Dark now released!

The French language version of Caroline's picture book Singing Away the Dark has been released by Les Éditions De La Courte Échelle  and is called: Chanter Dans Le Noir. The translator is Fanny Britt and the illustrations are by Julie Morstad, as they were for the English version. The book's ISBN is: 978-2-89695-196-4. Please contact for information and to purchase copies.

Spring 2013:

Caroline was a writer in residence at Lucerne Elementary-Secondary School in New Denver, B.C. for a week, working with K-12 student writers and also did one day programs at Nakusp Senior Secondary School and at Kanaka Creek Elementary School with Grade 3 classes in Maple Ridge, B.C. She also presented her books to Grade Two students visiting the Emily Carr branch of Victoria Public Library.

At the Mayworks Literary Cabaret in Courtenay, Caroline's story 'Echolalia' received second prize in the People's Choice awards and is now published in WOW: Writing On Work, a chapbook published by the Vancouver Island Mayworks Project Society. 'Echolalia' is one story destined for a future short fiction collection which Caroline has been writing, joining other stories previously published in event magazine, Room of One's Own, and in The FED Anthology published by Anvil Press.

Meet the Author- An Interview with Toni Buzzeo of Library Sparks Magazine

Read the December 2012 interview conducted by Toni Buzzeo, career media specialist and author (visit for more about Toni).

Word On The Street 2012

Caroline appeared in the Children's Tent at WOTS in September 2012 and gave away two copies of The Village of Many Hats to several fashionable children in the audience!

Caroline Woodward - December 2011 Long Beach Radio

Caroline read from her book "Singing Away The Dark" during the 4th Annual Hospice Radiothon. Listen here

Winter Story Warms the Heart
By Fran Ashdown, North Shore News, November 30, 2011

Singing Away the Dark resonated deeply with me as it brought back memories of my school days in Prince Rupert.

Instead of trudging down a plank road in the dark to catch a water taxi to school as I did, the girl in this story leaves her home in the winter dark and walks through the fields and woods to meet the school bus. She is young and alone and clearly apprehensive about having to venture forth. The minimalist-style illustrations reveal her anxiety and aptly depict the spooky aspect of the woods and the empty and vast landscape. We are told she is just six years old and, like most children, she is equipped with a very active imagination... Read more:

Caroline Woodward - October 2011 CBC Radio Interview

Listen to the October 2nd interview on CBC Radio's North by Northwest program with host Sheryl Mackay and featured guest Caroline Woodward discussing her children's book, Singing Away the Dark.

Singing Away the Dark nominated for the B.C. Chocolate Lily Award, in the Picture Book category.

Singing Away the Dark named as a finalist for the 2011 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Prize by the Canadian Children's Book Centre!

The award honours excellence in the illustrated picture book format for children ages 3 - 8 years.

Caroline Woodward - 2011 CKUA Radio Network Interview

Listen to the June 5th interview with Caroline Woodward discussing her novel Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny for Alberta radio network CKUA and their Bookmark Show.

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